About Us



Kitsap Quarry has been providing aggregate material to the Kitsap Community since 1963. It has helped satisfy central Kitsap’s demand for basalt rock for roads, hospitals, building foundations, driveways, and other uses as the West Puget Sound area continues to grow.

In 2012 the Ueland family purchased Kitsap Quarry from Rock Enterprises, a local operator who owned the quarry for nearly a decade. Previously, Kitsap Quarry had been owned by Richard Martin and Tom Boren, before him, who started the operation in 1963.

The Uelands have been expanding their land holdings in the area since purchasing 1,700 acres above Kitsap Lake from Port Blakely in 2004. Since that initial purchase, Ueland Tree Farm (UTF) has grown to over 2,300 acres, including Kitsap Quarry, LLC. Kitsap Quarry has over 20 million tons of proven and permitted basalt and gravel reserves.


The Ueland family intends to keep most of the tree farm in long-term forestry, with the remainder used for mineral resources, residential development, or similar purposes. Mineral extraction and quarry operations will continue to operate under the well-known Kitsap Quarry name, with material trucked to the main Kitsap Quarry site from UTF property, as needed to supplement Kitsap Quarry’s own reserves and to provide a broad product range to meet local need for decades to come.

The Uelands seek to manage both Kitsap Quarry and the tree farm in an environmentally and socially responsible manner. Kitsap County is a beautiful and growing region. One of our objectives is to demonstrate we can profitably meet community demand for natural resources such as timber and rock while operating responsibly. We are convinced it is possible to:

  • Earn an attractive long-term return on our investment and allow recreational opportunities for the public
  • Be both good neighbors and good stewards (financially and environmentally) of the property entrusted in our care

For more information about recreational opportunities on the Ueland Tree Farm, please visit http://www.uelandtreefarm.com.